Swinging into the New Year here in San Diego. My friend +Terri Rippee has been swinging each January 1st for the past ten years. She invited me to join her this year. Do you have any new year traditions? #blog  


  1. Rio Lerma January 16, 2015

    Well done

  2. ORGENES DEAL January 16, 2015

    Helo good night how are you

  3. nico Mckee January 16, 2015


  4. Sumit Sen January 16, 2015

    Happy New Year! Lovely image!

  5. Joe Orange January 16, 2015

    Sure to continue to being thankful for life and blessings on being able to take care of my twins in jesus name

  6. Alan Bland January 16, 2015

    Oh what fun! With half a foot of snow on the ground that wouldn't work out too well here!

  7. Erika Thornes January 16, 2015

    +Alan Bland we have snow in parts of San Diego. It has been insanely cold. The roads to get to the snow were bumper to bumper. It is so rare here.

  8. Alan Bland January 16, 2015

    Snow in San Diego? I didn't realize that was within the realm of possibilities!

  9. Erika Thornes January 16, 2015

    Yes. Rare, but true!

  10. Prasanth Prasanth January 16, 2015


  11. alpesh baflipara February 23, 2015


  12. Noel Besuzzi June 24, 2015

    that location!

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