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It feels like it has been a while since I've been doing what I love. I have been growing my Canon lens collection for quite some time, and I'm afraid, that instead of enhancing my creativity, it has been holding it back, too much weight, too big, so I would just leave it at home. 

Yesterday, I got myself a new camera for me to take with me. Something smaller than my big beast, something I could stick in my purse, and have fun with. I went down to the beach last night with my new Sony a6000, and had a bit of fun playing with long exposure. I loved the glistening of the rocks, but knew they needed more. Tonality Pro was great in bringing out the details in the rocks.

I'm so happy to have the #sony     #sonyalpha   #a6000  It really is a great refreshing change for me. #sandiego    #sunest   #ndfilter   #blog   #macphun   #tonalityPro  


  1. Holly Pöster April 9, 2015

    Love Sony. I have the Sony a7 and couldn't be happier with it! Enjoy!

  2. Erika Thornes April 9, 2015

    The a7 looks great! 

  3. Pam Boling April 9, 2015

    I've been on a couple of photo walks with a photographer who uses an a7 almost exclusively (he still has his Nikon with a long zoom lens but rarely pulls it out of his bag). He swears by it, and I must say I'm quite intrigued. My biggest holdback of late has been the weight. I've walked several miles this week carrying my gear. My body feels it.

  4. Sandeep Patnaik April 10, 2015

    What lens are you using Erika?

  5. Emily Cartwright April 10, 2015


  6. Douglas Knisely April 10, 2015

    I enjoy the smaller bodies a lot more, especially with one or two primes.  That's why I picked the D600 over the D800/5D-sized bodies.  Now there is the D750, which is essentially the perfect DSLR.  Every time I evaluate mirrorless, I come back to the same conclusion — too much compromise for smaller sensors, and not enough size/weight savings for the larger sensor models (esp. Sony).  The Sony lenses that would make me happy are all identical to DSLRs.  Best for me to wait until Canikon weigh in on mirrorless.

  7. Pam Boling April 10, 2015

    +Douglas Knisely I heard this past weekend that Sony has a chip for a mirrorless camera not much larger than the a7 that will be comparable to a medium-format. I don't know when they will be releasing it though. Personally, I'll be holding out for that. I've been entertaining the idea of getting a new back for my M645 (my old back has a dead pixel that can't be repaired). That baby weighs a lot compared to DSLRs, but I only use it in studio so weight really doesn't matter so much. If I could have a mirrorless medium format … that would answer many dreams!

  8. Douglas Knisely April 10, 2015

    It will be interesting to see the advances with bigger sensors in smaller bodies, although the lenses will still remain big.  I might be tempted by Fuji when they move up to 24 Mpixels or the new m43 20 Mpixel sensors (I love everything about the Olympus E-M5 II except the sensor).

  9. DANNA campos April 11, 2015


  10. Thomas Swarthout June 6, 2015


  11. Erika Thornes June 15, 2015

    I have been having fun with this little body. I will take it with me. Makes a difference.

  12. Jeanahsk kim July 18, 2015

    What lenses do you use with your sony  a6000?

  13. Erika Thornes July 24, 2015

    +Jeanahsk kim , I have been using the kit lens 16-50 and a 35mm 2.8 I am happy with those lenses for now. 

  14. Jeanahsk kim July 26, 2015

    Hi Erika! Thanks for your reply! I was wondering if I could get your advice on cameras. I am upgrading from my iPhone camera and am hoping to take mostly landscape/portraits. I am trying to achieve the bokeh effect for portraits and know that depends on the lens. I was looking for something easy to carry which is why I was leaning towards the sony a6000/a5100 but didn't realize how expensive those additional sony lenses were. For a beginner would you recommend the sony a6000 or a DSLR like the canon rebel t5i or make a nikon? (I would mostly be shooting pictures vs videos. With the camera you'd recommend what lenses would be good to get also? I know thats a lot of questions but I'd really appreciate your advice! Thanks!

  15. Erika Thornes July 26, 2015

    I LOVE the a6000. It is so tiny. It is so capable. Join the a6000 group on FB, they will be able to tell you the cheapest lenses for that body. I'd rather go Canon than Nikon for the low end DSLR market, as you can get full frame Canon glass (glass that can fit on their higher end cameras) and it will auto-focus on the cheaper bodies. Nikon has a funny split system (I believe, but my info could be old). I'm straddling two worlds with the Canon and the Sony… But, any of them would be good options. Not much help, eh? Look for a lens around 50mm with a 1.8 that is a good starter lens with good bokeh. 

  16. Usman Shani August 24, 2016

    Not a bad.

  17. Ok K March 23, 2017


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