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Shot with my new Sony a6000 Mirrorless camera. Love how easy it is to take with me. Even the kit lens is good. 1/200, F/8, ISO 200 Lightroom and Macphun Intensify Pro #sonyalpha   #a6000   #blog  


  1. Sonali Dalal May 20, 2015


  2. james kalin May 20, 2015

    and thus begins the mirrorless age.

  3. Erika Thornes May 20, 2015

    +james kalin yes. Agreed. 

  4. Albert Santoso May 20, 2015

    Very nice! I'm on the older version NEX6 still, paired with manual Nikon's primes. If you're happy with the kit lens, you will have so much fun with their other lenses. :)

  5. Emily Cartwright May 20, 2015


  6. Elaine Mattson May 21, 2015

    I'm excited. I just ordered an a6000 and am anxiously waiting for delivery. Hope I have your success and enthusiasm +Erika Thornes 

  7. Erika Thornes May 21, 2015

    +Elaine Mattson, you will love it! It takes a few days to get used to the menus, as the manual isn't very clear. But, it is really a great little camera! Enjoy! 

  8. Erika Thornes May 21, 2015

    +Albert Santoso, I don't have any old glass to play with with it. But, I love focus peeking, it makes it so much easier to go back to manual focus. I really loved shooting with manual focus when I was younger. It is nice to back to it. It wasn't the same on a DSLR. 

  9. Albert Santoso May 21, 2015

    lol +Erika Thornes , focus peaking is heaven sent!  I do MF on DSLR and it's trickier since it doesn't have the split circle glass on viewfinder. :)

    Are you in the Bay Area too?  I'm actually renting Sony's 18-105mm f/4 G lens from borrowlenses.com in San Carlos, picking up in 15 minutes.  It's the all-around lens that should be next on the list.

  10. Erika Thornes May 21, 2015

    Nice, +Albert Santoso , I am in San Diego. 

  11. Christopher Germano May 21, 2015

    Love it, great use of negative space.

  12. Erika Thornes May 21, 2015

    Thanks +Christopher Germano, I like negative space. 

  13. art barrett May 22, 2015

    beautiful :)

  14. oh yes

  15. Sierra Cloud June 13, 2015

    By the looks of things you'll be getting some good shots in the future!!!

  16. Sierra Cloud June 13, 2015

    Amazing work

  17. art barrett June 16, 2015


  18. Agostina Soria October 14, 2015

    A mi no me gusta

  19. T J Roy March 26, 2016

    beautiful sky. very nice

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