Creative Motion Design


Creative Motion Design, a really awesome creative, fun portfolio website design firm that really interacts with their clients and fans. They offered to “expose me”.  What a great interview, and I’m totally excited to be “Exposed” in this way!!!!




The Unframed World

 Andrew, from The Unframed World asked if he could interview me for his blog… I was honored to participate. I think his interview gets into the heart of why I do what I do. I hope you enjoy reading it and seeing the images he picked that he felt represented me and my style! excerpt: Andrew: For starters could you tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are and what you do? Erika: I’m a photographer who loves to shoot. I shoot anything and everything, and I just love to be creative and try new things. If you introduce me to an area of photography that I haven’t tried, I get excited and can’t stop thinking about it until I’ve created at least one image that I love from that genre. Beyond that I’m a tinkerer, I can’t sit still (unless I’m on a computer), and I am always thinking of something to do.”


Her View Photography

Darlene Hildebrant, from Her View Photography, asked me for a very special type of interview. We ended up doing an interview using Google+ hangouts, and posting it on You Tube. This is a fascinating and interesting way to do an in depth interview, especially for someone whose talents lay more in talking than writing! It was a wonderful interview, and I got a lot of great feedback from people who spent the time to listen to the full 45 minutes. If you don’t have the cash to do an online one on one, or fly out for a personal private lesson, this is a great way to get some idea of how I shoot my silhouettes and what I look for while shooting and editing. It was also translated into text, for a quick summary of what we go over in the interview. 



Clicky Chick Creates

Connie Hanks from Clicky Chick Creates contacted me because she had seen some of the images I had made on local client’s facebook wall. My client, and good friend told her that I’m not scary, and don’t bite. My client asked me if I would not mind taking Connie out and showing her how I create my silhouette work. At this point, I had only mentored non-photographers, and thought this would be a fun experience. I didn’t want to take her out on one of my client shoots, but when a google+ friend was coming to town, and also wanted to learn my silhouette work, I jumped at the chance to take them both out with me to the beach. Connie blogged about her experience with my mentoring, and told me that she’s never seen someone move so fast while shooting. Yes, I’m all over the place, belly crawling on the sand… It is quite hilarious to watch.  (I need to have someone shoot a video!)


SmugMug Facebook Page

A while back, SmugMug had a photography contest on Google+ so many outstanding photos were uploaded for a chance to win a year of SmugMug photo hosting. I’ve been using SmugMug for some time now and love how wonderful the customer service is. I’m thrilled to be a client, and even more thrilled to have won a contest through them. After my photo was selected as the winner of the contest, Picasa Web Albums made it a featured image. I have almost 12 million views on the photo on Picasa last time I checked.   I was asked if they could share my photo on their facebook stream. Of course, they are welcome to. Here is the post on their facebook page

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