Yesterday, my husband and I went up to Orange County to visit some old friends. They happened to move into a home with a huge old very fruitful pomegranate just coming into season. Not only was the tree gorgeous, it produces the tastiest treats.  My morning was spent cracking and seeding 15 pomegranates to boil down into a syrup. Time for some grenadine… Just in time for my birthday! Looking forward to some amazing drinks! #blog  

At my family reunion, and going through my uncle's photos

I found this one of my mom and grandma. I think I will get it enlarged…. Taken in the early 1960s….#blog

I am a member of the Art of Self Portraiture group here on Google+

Each month, they give us a challenge to shoot something beyond a normal "selfie"  It forces me to think beyond my normal work, and really think hard about who I am, and what I project to others. This month, or assignment was personality. We had to document some aspect of our personality. I chose creative energy. This is what I said, "I become so overwhelmed with creative energy that I leave a whirlwind behind me, yet I'm only just cracking the surface."
Please come join our community! It is a challenge and a joy to see what people are creating. 



I don't take very many pure landscapes

But since is it #earthday  I thought I'd share this one from a hike last year. Sure does make me want to get out and hike some more! 


Photographer's kids. Need I say more? Happy Easter

Taken with my +Nexus  5, and edited right here on +Google+ Photos  My little egg…

Taken with my +Nexus  5, and edited right here on +Google+ Photos  My little egg heads. Today they'll get their hair styled and be sent out into the world. As you can see the middle on was just born last night. She's got a little time before she's ready to leave home. 

The bottom rings were made with art clay that you bake to cure, and the eggs were cut with a Dremmel tool. Quite easy. Used Scotts Grass seed, and +Sharpie  pens to complete the look. Happy little eggs for a happy little Easter! #eastercrafts #easteregg   #blog  

Had to stay up

#bloodmoon  Lunar eclipse here in San Diego. 

Canon 5dm3, 70-200, 1.4x extender, 1/40 F/4 ISO 3200  handheld.   #blog  

Two years ago January, I woke up in incredible pain

I lost 80% of the hearing in my left ear (It came back). Since then I've had steroid injections into my ear drum and multiple tests, I've tried various techniques and alternative medicines, I've tried my husband's solutions, grin and bear it, and drink a margarita at night. I've now found a solution that partially works. I'm on nerve pain medicines that are known to drop your verbal IQ, and make you sleepy. Both side effects I've fully noticed. I joke that is a good thing I'm smart, as I can handle a 10pt drop in IQ. But all in all, if I take my meds on time, I'm not in too much pain. If I forget, it feels back like I did in Kindergarten when my teacher would pinch me by the check and drag me to timeout whenever I sucked my thumb. Now, unfortunately, mean old Mrs. Springer won't let go, even after I'm in time out. I'm not posting for sympathy, we've all got something, and I'm honestly okay. However, this month I was challenged to make a self portrait that captured my reality. I'm home, I'm learning, and I'm surrounded by photography, but I've just got this little thing in my ear that is distracting me. #blog  

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Added photos to February Self Portrait Challenge: Capture Your Reality.

Thinking my 10 year old daughter should go into advertising

She wants to be a cartoonist. I'm thinking some sort of writing does suit her. Fun to see what she came up with for our vintage party a few weeks ago with the instructions, "I need a fun slogan for a basket for us to stick our cell phones in". Yes, all kids are special, but this one always amazes me. She is never boring, and I love her creativity. #blog  

While it isn't the "perfect" camping night shot

We've got our cars, our tent is wrinkled… yada, yada… It is absolutely perfect to me. My three precious babies are sleeping in the tent, happy as can be with a little light keeping them comfortable. What a wonderful trip we took. They want to go every weekend now. I'm still unpacking. #blog