Another Treasure Found

I've been digging through my childhood photos. My dad was a hobbyist photographer, and I've been appreciating looking through his lens into my life. What a treasure. He passed away when I was 13. I would have loved to talk shop with him, but looking through these photos has meant more to me than letters he has left behind. I communicate through photography, and it is so great to see that he did as well. #blog

Treasures Found

I went to the garage to find some old photos, and I started digging. What I discovered, again, what how truly great of a photographer my father was. I knew he loved his camera, I knew he loved photography, but now knowing what I know of composition, light, and capturing the moment, I'm just so incredibly thankful to have a father that had an incredible gift. How I would love to share it with him now. He introduced me to photography but wasn't able to see the seed he had planted grow. 

Me sitting on my dad's front porch about age 3. I think it was a Valentines Day photo shoot for my mom. #blog  

What I'm Working on Today

I've been using Nik software from +Nik Photography, as well as my regular editing. I'm so pleased to have the addition in my editing process. I'm looking forward to presenting these images to the family when I'm finished editing. There are so many wonderful things about doing what I love for others. 
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There is More to a Silhouette than Exposure. 

I read an article today that made me think twice, that made me wonder if people know what goes into a successful silhouette. I'll say it loud and proud. It is MORE than exposure. Yes, you meter for the sky, yes, that brings the blacks black, but there is is so much more to it than that. I used to say, angle, separation, and exposure. But it is even more than that. You can nail the angle, shooting from down low, you can nail the exposure, and you can even get the separation, but if you aren't telling a story, or conveying an emotion, you're not getting it. There needs to be a story. There needs to be an emotion. If the silhouette doesn't make you feel, it falls flat. Just something to think about as you're composing and editing your silhouettes. 

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Guess What We Did Today

If you know me, I do all things domestic pretty well, not excellent, but pretty well. I sew well enough to get by. I have signature dishes that people rave over. I make decorative cakes. Some turn out better than others. I've made over 20 full size gingerbread houses from scratch with a little help from my friends. I'm known for this sort of thing. Heck, I even sew Halloween Costumes. But, there is one thing I hate. One thing I hate so much. I dread it as a parent each year. I put it off. I hope that the kids won't ask. Maybe, just maybe, they'll forget this year… This year, I got saved by the e-mail. Saved. A friend wrote us… I've got more pumpkins than I can use in my backyard garden. Will you please come over and carve them? Hoping, and praying that this year, I won't have to stick my hand in goo and guts, I accepted the invitation. Not only did I discover that my baby 6 year old LOVES sticking her hand in guts, she'll do it for anyone who asks. She adores it. Saved by a tiny 6 year old. 

Are there any traditions that you dread? That you hope if you close your eyes, or oversleep that you'll get to skip?

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An Old Gem

Two years ago, I had my favorite night out with my family. It was a wonderful night. It was right before Halloween. We had some of my husband's family visiting just for fun, I believe. We went to the beach, as we do often, and we just hung out and played. It was a great evening. One of those times you remember as a parent forever. All the kids were getting along great. My husband was out surfing with his brother and sister, and I, of course, was playing with my camera. I was sorting through the photos, and found one that I hadn't seen before. Two years time has passed, and I'm glad to revisit some of the photos that I really never saw. My brother in law was taking his son out to stand on the board. In a few frames, my husband had joined them, and my one year old nephew was balancing in 8 inches of water. I'm hoping over the next few weeks that we'll have a chance to get back out there as a family and enjoy more time playing and just being together.   #blog  

Sigh. I have a new favorite Silhouette. 

Why I Love What I Do

It isn't purely documentary. I do tell people to meet me at the beach. I do suggest that they bring balloons. But, the rest. The rest is out of my hands. The weather for one. I can plan with the tides a bit, I can hope for a minus tide at sunset, but that isn't always going to happen. I can hope for some clouds, but sometimes we miss that too… I can hope that a two year old child doesn't fall and cry. But the most fun? I can try to predict so much, I can try to control for so much, I can look at a photo after the fact and wish that the child would only really understand the rule of thirds, and his relationship between the sun and the camera and the shoreline. But, really. An imperfect image becomes perfect with the joy and the child running and playing. Every single time I go, something is different, something is unpredictable, something extraordinary happens, and I'm thrilled. I'm thrilled to be a documentary beach photographer who kinda knows a few tricks

. This image has only been straightened. No other editing done I love shooting joy.  #blog

Cantaloupe? What about Elope? I love shooting small weddings and Elopements

It was fun taking pictures of this couple at the San Diego Courthouse and then down at Windansea. Can't wait to do a full blog post when I have a chance. I set up a picnic at the beach, but the seaguls were hard to keep away. It was a blast. #blog

Editing vacation photos, and just adored this one. :)