Hang On

Shot with my new Sony a6000 Mirrorless camera. Love how easy it is to take with me. Even the kit lens is good. 1/200, F/8, ISO 200 Lightroom and Macphun Intensify Pro #sonyalpha   #a6000   #blog  

Back to Shooting

It feels like it has been a while since I've been doing what I love. I have been growing my Canon lens collection for quite some time, and I'm afraid, that instead of enhancing my creativity, it has been holding it back, too much weight, too big, so I would just leave it at home. 

Yesterday, I got myself a new camera for me to take with me. Something smaller than my big beast, something I could stick in my purse, and have fun with. I went down to the beach last night with my new Sony a6000, and had a bit of fun playing with long exposure. I loved the glistening of the rocks, but knew they needed more. Tonality Pro was great in bringing out the details in the rocks.

I'm so happy to have the #sony     #sonyalpha   #a6000  It really is a great refreshing change for me. #sandiego    #sunest   #ndfilter   #blog   #macphun   #tonalityPro  


Day 16, A Portrait a Day, Today, while out shooting a family shoot, I received a loaner lens from Canon. The Canon 200mm F/2.0. Oh boy. It is a BIG lens. Heavy. I convinced the girls to come scout a location with me right before dusk. I drove by it last Friday, and have been dying to shoot there since. I can think of so many wonderful things to shoot in this spot. I can't wait to get out there with my kids in costume. It would be a blast. It is a good portrait day when I can get a great image of all my girls together. The blanket was made by my Grandma with my Aunt's old dresses. The basket is a gift from Iris, and the stuffed animal is one we got on our summer adventure. Glad my girls still want to cuddle together, and have me take their photo. What a blessing! #blog  


Day 7, Portrait a day…. Bath time at our house is always fun! I loved using +Macphun Software  Intensity Pro goo.gl/JfkDTP to edit those bubbles. It brought out the details in such a great way, but my daughter makes the photo. She always makes me laugh. She's so much fun. #blog  


Really working on shooting a new portrait each day in 2015. Today, we went to the Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego. The kids asked for a photo at the base of the stairs. I can't deny them that… It was fun seeing the lighthouse staged as it would have been 100 years go. But, even more fun were the tide pools below the lighthouse. We'll be sure to go again. Edited with +Macphun Software Tonality Pro. #blog  


Swinging into the New Year here in San Diego. My friend +Terri Rippee has been swinging each January 1st for the past ten years. She invited me to join her this year. Do you have any new year traditions? #blog  


A few weeks ago, I got to go to my friend's hair salon and take photos for her new website. It was such a blast to work with such a dear friend, and her name is Erika as well. She's just as zany as I am. We are quite the combo when together, and my children adore her. It makes taking photos easy! 3 cheers for friendship! #blog  

This year, my girls are all birds

Just finished up the final details on the Peacock. She's so excited to be the most beautiful boy bird this Halloween. Looking forward to fun celebrations this week. What do you do for Halloween? #blog  

Went on a +Scott Kelby world wide photo walk today hosted by +Laurie Rubin  at…

Went on a +Scott Kelby world wide photo walk today hosted by +Laurie Rubin  at the San Diego Zoo today. I took a lot of photos. My kids took a lot of photos, but this one was my favorite. My daughter climbed under an elephant statue and well….. You can see what happened. ‪#‎WWPW2014‬ #blog  

I am IN LOVE with our sky today