I am a member of the Art of Self Portraiture group here on Google+

Each month, they give us a challenge to shoot something beyond a normal "selfie"  It forces me to think beyond my normal work, and really think hard about who I am, and what I project to others. This month, or assignment was personality. We had to document some aspect of our personality. I chose creative energy. This is what I said, "I become so overwhelmed with creative energy that I leave a whirlwind behind me, yet I'm only just cracking the surface."
Please come join our community! It is a challenge and a joy to see what people are creating. 




  1. Terry Temple November 16, 2014

    Stunning Beauty

  2. paul richmond November 16, 2014

    gorgeous and love the creative thought behind this.

  3. 廖友泉 November 16, 2014


  4. Jen Baptist November 16, 2014

    Perfect!  Totally can relate. :o)

  5. shahid molana November 16, 2014


  6. Leandro SONACIONAIS November 16, 2014


  7. Ashley Petricig November 16, 2014

    Its so adorable I needed that today

  8. dPHender son November 16, 2014

    Very creative – I like this.

  9. otoniel eloi November 16, 2014


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