Day 7, Portrait a day…. Bath time at our house is always fun! I loved using +Macphun Software  Intensity Pro goo.gl/JfkDTP to edit those bubbles. It brought out the details in such a great way, but my daughter makes the photo. She always makes me laugh. She's so much fun. #blog  


  1. Joshua Griffith January 16, 2015

    Very good. If I ever have kids, I'll have to steal this idea. Maybe I could do it with my pup. :p

  2. Joey Oliver January 16, 2015

    Very nice! Please view my blog at Facebook.com/HOWDC Its a Facebook photo blog about the Humans of Washington DC Thanks!!

  3. Laura Middour January 16, 2015

    pure awesomeness!!

  4. Chris Ronacher January 16, 2015

    unusual :)

  5. abd rahim bin yahaya Rahim January 16, 2015

    very creative

  6. Sanja Grozdanovic February 1, 2015

    +Erika Thornes​ wow so great and funny :)))

  7. Liz C July 22, 2015

    Oh what a sweet and fabulous shot!

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