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From my clients’ point of view…

Lee Ann

“Erika, I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful pictures and memories you were able to capture for all of us.  My husband is especially thankful for your work.  He said the pictures made him feel like he was at the homecoming.  Erika, working with you was such a pleasure.  You took care of everything and made the process so easy when things kept changing.  I am so thankful for hiring you – you created something so special for all of us that we will have for a life time.  If I ever make it back to the West Coast I will certainly be in touch!”


Jordan and Kaitlin

Erika MADE our wedding day! We were not from San Diego, and she knew great spots in San Diego to take pictures. She also took special care to make sure she knew what kinds of shots we wanted (she followed me on pinterest and had me send her other examples of wedding photography I liked to get a feel for what we wanted). She was also easy to get ahold of, and in constant communication with us which was especially important to us because we were from out of state. Erika takes beautiful photographs and we have terrific photos that decorate our home. She was very fast with editing our pictures after our special day, and we had our pictures within 2 weeks of our wedding. Our religion is also strict with where photographers can go and what they can wear and she was very respectful of that. She went the extra mile (she even brought us water bottles while we were taking pictures at the beach)! We loved Erika and are so pleased with our pictures! They are beautiful and she is a very talented and creative photographer.”



My wife and I heard that Erika was a photographer and saw some of her work about a year before we got married and asked her if she could do our wedding.  We could not have been happier with the results. We use Erika both for our engagement photos and our wedding photos. Erika and the people she works with are creative, energetic, low maintenance, passionate about what they do, and at no point (unlike most steps in wedding planning) did we feel like we were getting taken. Erika respected all of our desires and concerns, works well with people of all ages, and captured the wedding in a very special light. I offer my highest recommendation and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.



“It was hard to choose a favorite photo from our session with Erika as each photo was truly special. We did especially love this one though, as it beautifully captured our family life in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Everything about this photo from the lighting, to the symmetry of both of us looking at our precious son, makes it one that will hang on our walls forever.”



“Erika is fantastic. We have had two sessions with her. The first were family pictures, and they were awesome. Erika started by suggesting what to wear to help us “go together” but not “match each other”. For someone like me, this is a big deal. The shoot included two types of photos. Some were of us posed “just so,” and some were pictures of us interacting together. I think it takes someone very talented to take posed pictures without us looking fake and uncomfortable. We don’t look goofy looking into the camera, nor do we have forced smiles. The interaction pictures were outstanding. Seriously. And to improve on them, Erika’s photoshop skills took off several years on our faces and many more pounds off our bodies. I would guess that she spent more time photoshopping than actually shooting. When one invests a lot of money in wall canvases and photo books, it means something to look just a tad better than real life!

Our second session with her were to make composite pictures for our Christmas cards. Erika helped us brainstorm ideas for the perfect card for us, and of course, her idea was best! She is completely creative, and it was obvious that she loves to let her creativity shine through. Her face lights up when she comes up with ideas to make the experience unique and special. And it was. Shooting the pictures was fun for our entire family, and not only were we laughing and having a good time, but the strangers around us were entertained, as well. The finished product was incredible, and we received dozens of compliments on our cards. I have a feeling Erika will need to do our cards in October this year because we referred her to many people.”



“Erika is one of the most talented and dedicated photographers I have ever met. We were completely blown away by the unique and artistic images she captured. They are more than pretty pictures too. They really ‘tell the story’ of our day. She has an amazing ability to capture intimate and important moments without you even knowing it. I will hire Erika every time I want to capture life’s greatest moments!”



“Erika completely exceeded my expectations.   Within 30 minutes of meeting her, she was diving in the sand at Coronado Beach to capture unique and beautiful engagement photos. She has a passion for her work that is rarely seen. The day of the wedding, Erika and her assistant were much more than photographers to us, they felt like friends who were an extension of our wedding party.  I was extremely nervous that morning and they were so helpful and accommodating.  It really helped relax me and get the day off to a smooth start.

They captured breath taking images of the ceremony; all without being intrusive. The reception photos were original, fun, and all equally spectacular.  At one point, Erika was down on the ground getting a shot and a woman fell on her, giving her a nose bleed. She didn’t even flinch. She just kept right on shooting. Again, her dedication to her craft is something to be envied. 
Once the wedding was over, I had several hundred amazing photos. Choosing an album can be extremely overwhelming though. Erika took the time to carefully and patiently walk me through this process so that I ended up with the best and most affordable options. She put together a fabulous album that we will forever cherish.  
Whether you’re looking for a photographer to capture a major life event, or just take some family photos for the holidays, I would HIGHLY recommend Erika!! “

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