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I’m a San Diego based photographer with a lot of verve. Yes, that is the best word to describe me.

I strive to learn, and love teaching. It is my goal to discover something new each day. I openly share what I learn, and encourage others.

My goal, as a photographer, is to make images for you to treasure; that will hang on your family’s walls in 50 years. I want the photos to be something that becomes a gift and heirloom that will bring a sense of history and freezes a moment in your life for your family. That was a really formal way of saying, I want to create work that sticks around. I’ve got portraits of my grandparents as children that I adore. That I treasure, that mean more to me than almost anything I own, they will be passed down just like the all hand-sewn quilt my husband’s great grandmother made for us on our wedding day. I want to create images for you that become part of your legacy, that do stand the test of time. It’s important.

It does not come easy for to me write about myself, even though I love reading ‘about me’ posts others have created. So, please forgive me for not saying much here… you can read my interviews below if you want to know me better, and they are pretty fun.  That does matter, and I can tell you why when we meet.

Oh, and if you really want to get to know who I am as a photographer, please read my CLIENT REVIEWS. I adore my clients, and you will get a much better sense of who I am as a photographer by reading what they wrote. I cried when I read them, and I am not a sappy person. They genuinely captured my character and how I shoot.

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